Thursday, February 11, 2010

REWARD: tuxedo shoes

Maria is one of my best friends, so who am I to stand in the way of her quest for shoes? So, dear readers, if anyone is up for a challenge, then read on for Maria's offer below.

Dear Loyal Readers,

When I was thinking about who of my fashionable friends I could turn to in my shoe crisis, Tina’s name immediately rushed to mind. You know her shoe tastes: chic brown calf boots, impossibly tall pink stilettos, patent red gorgeousness…nobody knows shoes like Tina with her impossibly awesome shoe shrine. When I was pouring over the details of the tuxedo folds, shiny buttons and flirty peep toe I knew Tina would understand. I knew she would realize that I, in fact, NEED these shoes. And I can not find them. And this makes my heart sick.

So, loyal readers I am offering a $20 gift certificate (to the place of your choosing) to the first TminusTplus reader to find these shoes in my size, 7.5.

Brand: Harajuku Lovers
Name: “Dobson” Tuxedo Pumps
Color: “Black & White”
Size: 7.5 (or 8 in a pinch)
Cost: Retails for around $90

Good luck and happy hunting!


If you find the shoes she wants, please leave me a comment with a link to the site where the shoes can be purchased. I'll contact her immediately. If she can successfully purchase the shoes in her size, then the $20 reward offer is yours. Good luck!


Mer said...

Black and white, size 7.5 - seems to be available here:

LaShaune said...

What a great find Mer.

Honeybunches of Roses said...

Not only a great find...its a great shoe!!! I can see why the passion for them....totally falling head over heels for them...

Anonymous said...

Oooohh! I love these in black with the stripey bow! Too cute!

Tina said...

Mer - great find! Sadly, even though Maria's size is in the drop down list, it is "out of stock". Maria is going to contact the store and see if she can order them over the phone. I'll keep you posted. Thanks so much!

Tina said...

Mer - Maria got the shoes last night! Please email me so I can tell Maria where you want your $20 giftcard to and get your name and mailing address.

Thanks so much!! You are awesome!