Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Another New Closet

OMG It's a closet!! People, it may not have any rods in it yet, but there is a closet in my bedroom now. In fact, it's two, two closets in one. It's basically two giant reach-in closets that are side-by-side. Rand is trying to convince me to give him some space in it for his stuff, but I'm trying to convince him that he'd have much more fun if his stuff was in the guest bedroom. hehehe

What I Wore While Admiring the New Closet Space:

2010-09-10 combo

  • purple dress (Old Navy)
  • brown crochet tank (Old Navy)
  • pattern cardi (Lane Bryant)
  • brown heels (Manolos via Goodwill)
  • brown necklace (?)
  • brown stone earrings (hand-me-down from a friend)
What I Ate All The Way Down To The Heel:

2010-09-10 food

  • breakfast: homemeade healthy pear muffins (1 point each), non-fat yogurt (1 point), Monster (1 point)
  • lunch: smoked pheasant and chicken salad sandwich (5 points?), pear (1 point), carrots (0 points)
  • snack: V8 (0 points), apple (1 point), cheesestick (2 points), SoyJoy (2 points


Heidi Williams said...

Can't wait to see your next closet tour!! Good luck on the rest of the remodeling.

Melissa said...

He would definitely be much more comfortable with his clothes in the guest closet. Absolutely. :)

I love that cardigan! Perfect over the solid dress. You look great!

Shuttsie said...

can you post the pear muffin recipe?

Bombshell Beauty said...

Do you have big plans for closet organization? You look great!

Kimberly said...

I can never get enough of that cardi!

Dave has the whole walk-in closet in the master bedroom to himself. I have the closet in the guest room, den and an extra closet that we built. I feel that is fair!

Goose said...

Manolos....form Goodwill?? I bow to the queen.