Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day Reality

I've posted some outfits from last week that got missed, but let's take a look at the reality of 4 days in a row of being stuck at home due to snow and ice. Yep, my office has been closed for 4 days now.
  • The first day, I got dressed around noon.
  • The second day, I looked like this ALL day.
  • The third day, I looked like this 22 hours out of the day, with the other two hours devoted to Lawyer Suit Time since I had a last minute job interview.
  • The 4th day I looked like this until about 11 am, when I finally decided to get dressed for real. But that's another post for later in the day...


How do you dress when you're snowed in?

PS - check out my super awesome scrunchie that was given to me at my bachelorette party.

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