Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Work Wear: Grey Slacks

I don't want to disappoint anyone, but today I am not wearing a blue wrap dress. LOL. just a really basic grey outfit with some subtle pattern mixing and necklace layering to add a little visual interest. And on that note, I think my necklaces look like a bee flying around a clump of grapes. 

What I Wore That Was Not A Blue Wrap Dress:

2011-05-11 combo
  • heather grey slacks (Similar pants here)
  • grey stripe tank (Sonoma via Kohl's) (Similar)
  • cardigan (Lane Bryant)
  • black flats (Target) (Similar shoes here)
  • spider ring (Avenue) (Similar ring here)
  • hematite necklace (Old Navy) (Similar)
  • fly necklace (gift, Fossil)
  • rosette pin (Lane Bryant)
  • scarf, tied to bag (via Goodwill)
What I Ate Off Our NEW New Grill:

2011-05-10 food

Remember that I didn't like our new grill? Well, even after a second try, I still hated it. So back to Lowe's it went. We bought what everyone told us we should have purchased the first time - a gas Weber. It's FABULOUS!! It cost more and has fewer "features" than the other grill we had, but it's a 1000 times better and from what we've heard, we can expect it to last forever. Now that we have a grill that we actually like, we've been grilling like crazy. This is my favorite meal to cook on the grill.*

  • breakfast: banana, 2 hard cooked eggs
  • lunch: chicken sandwich, sugar snap peas, apple, cheese
  • snack: yogurt, orange, Balance bar
  • * dinner: garlic grilled shrimp, 1/2 ear grilled corn, grill asparagus, white wine

My comments about our Weber are just the result of me loving our new grill. This post is in no way affiliated with Weber. Somehow I don't think that they come to fashion blogs to pimp out their grills. LOL

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