Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Work Wear: Lace Inspired Necklace

I got this earring and necklace set to wear to an event at Full Figured Fashion Week that I ended up not getting to go to. Originally I was wearing cocktail attire, but I think even though the set is rather ornate, it can be versatile too. So I paired it with my conservative work attire and I think it adds a nice bit of interest. What do you think? Do you have jewelry that you only wear for "fancy" occasions?

What I Wore That Was Not Fancy:

2011-06-07 combo

What I Ate While My Tummy Rebelled:

I don't have any food photos again today. Rand is out of town again this week, so I've just been grazing out of the fridge. Too be honest, the Vicodin I am taking is upsetting my stomach and nothing sounds good. So I've just been nibbling on things here and there hoping to find something that settles it down. I think I am going to have to ask the dentist to prescribe something else for the pain b/c I don't want this to be an excuse to fall off the Weight Watchers wagon.

And since a few of you have asked why I've been going to the dentist so much, here's the short version. In my 20s I started clenching my jaw at night, which cracks my teeth, which causes cavities and irritation to the nerves. I've had one root canal and two crowns. Additionally, I am very difficult to get numb so my dentist (who is amazing) has to stab me with the needle so many more times than normal which then irritates my gums. So currently my gums are so swollen that I bite them in one place every time I close my mouth and my teeth are all hurting from the cracks, etc. Now, wasn't that a fun story? :)

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