Monday, September 12, 2011

Store Review: T.J. Maxx

I was recently invited to drop by my local T.J. Maxx for a little info session. I've shopped at T.J. Maxx and its sister store, Marshalls, for 15 years so I was pretty sure that I didn't need any tips on how to shop there, but I like shopping and it had been a little while since I had been in T.J. Maxx so I decided to pop in. I have to admit that I was wrong. I learned so many new things. Let me clear up my biggest misconception, b/c I think it's a pretty common one.

T.J. Maxx does not sell last season's clothes nor does it sell items that are left over b/c they didn't sell at a department store. Did you think that? I did. But really, everything is current season clothing, accessories, etc that you can buy full price at other stores or you can buy the same things for 30-60% off at T.J. Maxx.

TJMaxx 1
Some of my favorite pieces in the store 

So after everything I thought I knew about T.J. Maxx was thrown away within the first 60 seconds I was there, I decided I better pay very close attention to what I was hearing about the store.

Tip: Shop different stores to find different items.

The buyers shop for each store individually so what you will find in St. Louis could be completely different from Tampa and what's in the store 5 miles from my house is completely different from what's in the store across town. It all depends on the demographic of the store.

Tip: Look for the purple price tag to find the higher end designer items.

Want to pick up something a little special? Most of the tags in the store are white, but all the top designer items have blue/purple price tags (I think they're supposed to be purple, but one store I was in was using blue ones). When I was there, my local store had a Calvin Klein dress, Anne Klein blouse, a DKNY top, and a Tahari jacket that I was drooling over. I picked up the dress because it was perfect for work*.

TJ Maxx 3
Tip: Designer clothing and on-trend accessories will be on small racks 
bordering the long racks of clothes and purses.

Check out the smaller racks before delving into the long rows of racks. While I was browsing I spotted Nine West, Jessica Simpson, and Tahari shoes; sterling silver jewlery; Anne Klein, Ed Hardy, Badgley Mischka watches; tons of scarves; and fur and pony hair purses that would be perfect for fall. I picked up a snakeskin print Jessica Simpson purse* for $50 rather than the $100 retail price. Nice!

TJMaxx 2

Tip: Get your holiday decorations and home decor!

T.J. Maxx offers a lot more than just clothes. They have small furniture items (I really want that teal shelf. I think I am going to go back and get it for my bedroom), housewares, luggage, seasonal decorative items, and even gourmet food. I've always been hesitant to buy the food b/c I assumed it was old, but it's not! It's all brand new, current items just like the clothing. So I grabbed a small bag of ginger candy and some gourmet spices!

I wanted to leave you with one last photo. I can't believe that I didn't pick one of these fancy mannequins up. How awesome would one look with some jewelry draped around the neck, tucked into the corner of my room? sigh.

* I've got an outfit photo coming showing off my new purchases.
T.J. Maxx provided me with a gift card to go shopping while I was in the store. Plus I went shopping with my own money too b/c I found so much stuff I wanted. Plus I went back and bought even more stuff. And I think I am going to go back and get that shelf and a mannequin. LOL. Anyway, what I am trying to say is, as always, any opinions expressed here are my own and have not been influenced by the giftcard I received. I've been shopping at T.J. Maxx for years and I definitely suggest you check it out.

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