Monday, November 28, 2011

Double Stripes

After my pairing of large and small polka dots last week, I thought I would try out the same thing with stripes this week. Blargh. I don't really like the result at all. I picked up the shirt at Goodwill last week b/c I really stripes right now and the colors are great. But, after wearing it out I had to admit to myself that the pattern of the stripes is really dated, and not in a fun vintage way. Plus the neckline on the shirt is too high and drove me crazy all day. Oh well. You can't win them all.

What I Wore That Was A Striped Flop:

2011-11-23 combo

  • striped shirt (Goodwill)
  • striped cardi (Target)
  • black jeans (Avenue)
  • black chucks (Converse via Target)
  • sunglasses (c/o Charming Charlie)
  • hematite hoop earrings (c/o Charming Charlie)

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