Friday, November 18, 2011

Heading Out for a Girls' Weekend

Over 10 years ago, a group of my college girlfriends all came out to my family ranch/lakehouse for a weekend that we called Goats & Girls. (Yep, we've dairy goats. And horses and pigs and longhorns and chickens and dogs and cats!) We said "Oh we should do this every year!" And of course, we've never done it again. But this weekend we are finally getting together at one of the other girl's family lakehouse. We've toyed with the idea of calling the weekend Cougars & Girls (mountain lions hang out in the area) and I'm personally partial to Cougars & Cougars b/c it makes me laugh but none of us are really old enough to be cougars and we're all married. But I still am going to push for the moniker. I figure after enough wine, everyone will agree with me. Bring on the box wine! LOL

What I Wore While Road Tripping to the Lake:

2011-11-18 combo

  • button leggings (Lane Bryant)
  • white long sleeve T (a.n.a. via JCPenney)
  • grey cardigan (Lane Bryant)
  • tennies (Sketchers)
  • earrings (via Goodwill)
  • yellow & grey linen scarf (via Goodwill)

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