Monday, November 21, 2011


I felt very posh today. I think the clean, simple lines and color palette combined with a bold necklace and otherwise simple accessories reminded me of the wardrobe choices that are often used to connote wealth in movies. Since I am still unemployed, I think we can safely say that I am not posh. Rand also really liked the outfit, but I don't think he interpreted it as posh.

Rand's Daily Outfit Assessment: "That necklace is like the one you gave [our niece] for her birthday, right?" uh...dude. Our niece is four and I gave her a bunch of mardi gras beads and some other gaudy jewelry that I found at Goodwill so she could play dress up. This necklace is most definitely NOT mardi gras beads. And I love it, so shut up. 

The last time I wore this necklace, he commented on it being really sparkly, so I'm sensing a common thread here about his feelings about this necklace. That's okay. He doesn't have to like it. As I told him, I like it.

What I Wore That Was Not Thrown From a Parade Float:

2011-11-21 combo
I'm a bad blogger. I only took one pic of my outfit and had no idea my eyes were closed until I loaded it onto my computer. LAME!

* I guess even if my color palette or my lifestyle isn't very posh, my earrings are! Poshlocket, that is.

Do you think color choices can affect the feel of an outfit and influence your assumptions about the person wearing them?

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