Thursday, November 17, 2011

Painting the Bathroom

My photos are in a little different order today b/c what I was doing for while exercising, inspired the rest of my day. Keeping in line with my plan to incorporate small amounts of exercise into my day to get me jump-started, I pulled out my old step and got sweating while watching HGTV. Watching all the renovations on TV prompted me to finally start repainting our bathroom (it's a hideous, dark color that doesn't match the tile at all). I've been saying I would do it for a year now, and I just got around to it. Way to go, Tina. I'm not a procrastinator at all, I promise. ha.

What I Did That Prompted Painting:

2011-11-17 exercise

Yes, I was working out barefoot and in a lounge dress. What? Am I the only one who does that? Also, see that blur? I am fast. I can totally cram a 30 minute workout into 15 minutes. Or maybe my camera setting was too slow. Whichever.

What I Wore After Being Covered in Paint:

2011-11-17 combo

  • dress (Susan Lawrence via Ross)
  • cardigan (Axcess via Ross)
  • flats (via DSW)
  • earrings (Dana Buchman via Kohls)
  • ring (etsy)
  • paint roller (Home Depot)

What I Ate to Fuel Redecorating:

2011-11-17 food

  • breakfast: orange, low cal english muffin w/ peanut butter and sugar free jelly
  • lunch: chicken and blackbean quesadilla w/ tortilla soup, orange
  • dinner: porkchop, roasted sweet potatoes, squash and zucchini

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