Monday, December 12, 2011

Conservative Plaid Skirt

I picked up this skirt recently from Goodwill. I have been finding lots of stuff at Goodwill since I have time to go during the day, in the middle of the week. I wasn't immediately sure if I wanted to get this skirt. I like it but the pattern, color, and length all combined together into one very conservative article of clothing. But it was 50% off making it only $1.50, so I grabbed it. I had a hard time coming up with a look that wasn't dowdy, but I like how this turned out.

And then I spilled blue nail polish on my skirt and stupidly tried to get it out with pure acetone. Now I have a slightly dowdy skirt with a hole in it. Oops! But I am sure am glad that I only paid $1.50 for it and wasn't majorly in love with it.

What I Wore Before Chemically Burning a Hole In It:

2011-12-11  COMBO

  • salmon plaid skirt (via Goodwill)
  • red shirt (J. Crew via Goodwill)
  • orange striped scarf (via Goodwill)
  • pink and salmon necklace (LOFT)
  • brown tights (Avenue)
  • brown boots (Cloudwalkers via Avenue)

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