Monday, January 9, 2012

Safari in the Office

I absolutely loved this outfit all day long. You know how some days, you think you look really cute when you leave the house and then you catch a glimpse of yourself in a window and realize that you look horrible? Or sometimes you start out looking cute but everything goes limp and gets wrinkled five minutes after you walk out the door? I hate days like those. I always feel like I need say to people "I promise, I didn't look this schlumpy when I left the house. Trust me, when I'm being schlumpy, it's much worse than this." Or something along those lines. Well, today, I felt great all day long. Nothing got super wrinkled or drooped. I didn't spend all day readjusting anything to keep it in place. And, I was supremely comfortable to boot. In fact, I left work early because I felt so sick, and went straight home and laid down on the couch without even changing into comfy clothes. Bonus!

No outfit assessment from Rand on this one since I was covered up in a blanket by the time he got home. But I think I look like I'm going on a safari - in an office.

What I Wore While Taking an Office Safari:

2012-01-05 combo
I'm hunting...paperclips!

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