Wednesday, April 22, 2009

On a Ball

Today Maria, a good friend of mine and shopping cohort, sent me the following email "Guess where it's time to go again. " She's so evil. Last time we were there, I bought 6 pairs of shoes. Fabulous shoes, of course, but 6 pairs that I honestly didn't need. And I've been on a shoe-buying ban. I have broken that a few times, such as when I found knee high boots that fit (this takes me years to find that fit my calves, so I buy them when I find them) and when Kimberly pointed out a great sale. But my shoe shrine is full, which means I currently have about 90 pairs of shoes. That's got to be enough, right?

How many pairs of shoes do you have?

What I Wore While Wishing I Had More Shoes:

  • red short sleeve blouse (Apt 9)
  • black/white plaid slacks (Newport News)
  • grey snakeskin belt (Dots)
  • black leather heels (Nicole Miller)
  • red multistrand necklace (Lane Bryant?)
  • silver earrings (?)
What I Ate While Watching Frost/Nixon:

  • Scallini's pesto pizza (I ate about 1/2 of what is pictured)

We were supposed to go out with friends tonight but they cancelled so we rented a movie and ordered in pizza. Yum. Don't worry, this was a scheduled splurge meal. It's splurge meal #1 of the week. My other splurge meal is scheduled for the weekend.

What I Did For Exercise That Was Uber Lame:

Karen Voight: Butt, Legs & Tummy On a Ball

I've had this DVD for a long time now. I haven't used it in years, so I dragged it out this morning for a little variety. It was really short and really quit lame. I didn't even get sweaty.

Total for the Day: approx 1000 calories before dinner (which is on track), 20 minutes "On a Ball" exercise


Honeybunches of Roses said...

funny thing, I asked a similar question on my blog, for that very same reason...when is enough ever enough? well, like Kimberly from Fab finds said --We need to do our part in this economy.

last time I counted I was over 200 but that includes, flip flops, athletic shoes and seasonal shoes (golf shoes, slippers, etc.) but sadly, DSW just gave me another coupon for $10.oo off my next purchase and it seems I need to go by May or it will expire, so ho hum...I'm off to the shoe store.

Anonymous said...

I have over a 100 pairs of shoes and boots not including flip flops and slippers. I just got rid of about 40 pairs a couple of months ago and try to weed out my closet at least twice a year. If storage was not an issued I would have hundreds, but alas I don't live in a mansion so I have to keep things streamlined!

Love the belt - it looks great with this!

Work With What You've Got said...

I have no idea, I used to have an actual shoe closet, see my flickr...

But I got rid of a LOT of them last time I moved and I buy fewer now. I just don't want them like I used to (I want other things though, I'm no any better than the lot of you!)

That belt is the mostest awesomest belt, maybe ever, outside of the one Audi makes. (I am SO ordering the one Audi makes as soon as I have the scratch...)

Sarah said...

I love your "red" week so far. You always look so terrific :) Thanks for all the outfit inspiration!

Tina said...

Judging my Kimberly & Honeybunches responses, I need to go shoe shopping for sure!

Kimberly - thanks! I finally found something to wear it with!

Erin - your shoe closet reminds me of my "shoe shrine". Mine is one wall in my closet of 10 shelves with shoes all lined up so I can stand back and admire them.

Sarah R said...

I think I have fifteen pairs. I feel sorely lacking.