Friday, May 8, 2009

Want to Be a Guest Blogger?

I've mentioned before that Rand really doesn't like it when I spend every night doing my blog, so I agreed to try to take Fridays off (not that I always do). So far I have accomplished this by having my adorable sister Stacy and my wonderful friend Maria blog for me on Fridays. Maria just sent me an email asking who was going to be my Friday guest blogger for June. Well, I have no idea. Do you? Come on down! You could be the next guest blogger on T Minus T Plus!

  • Do you look at other people's fashion blogs, but don't have one of your own?
  • Would you like to get feedback on your style?
  • Do you want to try some of the challanges that other people post, but don't want the effort of making a whole blog?

If anyone is interested, I would love to post your look for an entire month or for a single Friday. There's no need for long-term commitment. My only requirements would be that you send a well-lit, in-focus (or at least as much as mine are in focus) picture of your outfit, as well as close-up shots of the details. If you can edit them, great. If not, I'll do it for you. (Stacy did her own, I do Maria's.) And I'll need all the details of what you are wearing too.

If you are watching what you eat, or are training for something, that would be a bonus so you can talk about that too.

Just leave a comment if you are interested. If no one wants to, I may be forced to break up with Rand. My committment to you, dear blog readers, is such that I would ditch the love of my life just to give you something to read Monday through Friday. LOL


Beth said...

Hi Tina! I might be interested but I have a couple of questions. Can you email me??

CoCo said...

Hi Tina,

I, too, might be interested. Especially in the one-time deal (I'm not sure if I'll be that inspirational of a dresser...). But I do count points and I am trying to lose weight, as well as look cute in the process. So, let me know! Do you need to know anything more about me?


Anonymous said...

Tina, this sounds cool! I've been flirting with the idea of starting my own fashion blog, maybe this will be just the thing to help me get my feet wet. Could you e-mail me and let me know what I would have to do?


(for some reason I can't seem to log into my google account, sorry)

Struggler said...

Good luck, Tina, in negotiating Fridays off and hanging onto Rand in the process!
If it's any consolation, please know that your postings are not only enjoyable, but helpful - some words of thanks to you can be found here:

Tina said...

Beth & Tracey - I have emailed you both with some more info.

Coco - I don't see your email address on your blogger profile. If you leave it here I will email you too!

Struggler - you are so sweet. Thank you! I'm off to check out your blog now.

Brooke said...

Hi, I'm Brooke - the friend who sent CoCo to your blog. I just adore your style and secretly wish that someday you might take me shoe shopping. :) I'd also be interested in guest-blogging at some point, since I've been toying with the idea of starting a fashion blog of my own.

Also, CoCo is being too modest - she has some serious style of her own!

:) Brooke

Tina said...

Great, Brooke! I can't wait to see both of your styles! Your blogger profile didn't have an email address listed either. So please get back to me with your email address and we'll get you signed up!

CoCo said...

oops, sorry! my email is Thank you so much!

Brooke said...
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T Minus said...

Beth has agreed to be my guest blogger for the month of June. Thanks, Beth!

Brooke, Coco, and Tracy - I have emailed all three of you about potentially being a guest blogger after Beth. Please let me know your thoughts. I would love to see all your personal styles.

Anyone else who is interested in guest blogging in the future can email me at

TminusTplus at gmail dot com

I look forward to hearing from you all!