Sunday, August 30, 2009

Gifts in the Mail!

A few weeks ago I offered to send a workout video that I was bored with to the first reader that requested it. (evanadine, if you email me your address, I'm still happy to send that workout ball video to you.) In the comments to that post, LeShaune offered to send me some workout DVDs that she had. I got 3 DVDs in the mail. Is she awesome, or what? Thanks, LeShaune!!

What I Did Thanks To TexNYQueen:

2009-08-29 combo

This weekend I tryed out the first video - hula! Silly me thought she was sending me a hula hoop video. LOL. It was really Island Girl Hula Dance Fitness Workout.

I loved this video. It was totally different from any workout video I've ever done. It wasn't the hardest workout, but it kept me engaged and I definitely worked up a sweat. Plus, I got to work out barefoot. You can't beat that. Why is it such a pain to put on shoes?

Thanks again, LeShaune! You are one awesome lady!


Anonymous said...

oh my, yes! im definitely still interested -- i will email you with my address!
i will need this video even more, since i just got engaged this past week myself! time to trim down and tone up!

Crabby McSlacker said...

Wow, what goes around comes around!

And glad to hear the hula was so fun.

TexNYQueen said...

oooh - you are most welcomed. I'm glad the vids worked in your DVD player - I was worried for a minute since I've never tried to play the "duped" vids myself.

I love the Island Girl vids for the same reason - workout barefoot. And you're right - it's not the hardest, but it is fun and doing that knee-popping move really works your inner thighs!

Goober said...

I have done that hula DVD - it is so much fun!

The other Tina said...

LeShaune rocks!!!

Kari said...

That looks like *so* much fun!

I've been wanting to try one of the fitness videos on our On Demand - it's an intro to Bollywood dance - but am not sure if the living room is big enough. Hula seems like it wouldn't have that problem since you are mainly moving with your core & hips!

Tina said...

Sam - Congrats on your engagement! I'm going to try to get that DVD to you in the mail tomorrow.

Crabby - it really was a ton of fun, and that is always welcome in my workout world.

LeShaune - yeah my knees yelled at me a little.

Heather - well let's see some pics of you doing it too! I bet you look a little closer to the girls in the video than I do. :)

Other Tina - oh indeed LeShaune does rock. Let's hear it for LeShaune - Hip Hip HOORAY!

Kari - I think I have that Bollywood dance intro class marked on my On Demand, but I've never checked it out. Let me know if you like it.