Friday, November 13, 2009

Bad Blogger

Hey Everyone!

Sorry I've been so lax about posting this week. I've been working longer hours and I've been so tired that I've been going to bed really early. But I have been taking pics, so I'm planning on a marathon photo editing session later today. Then I'll get everything posted.

Sorry I've been such a bad blogger. I promise to do better next week.



Work With What You've Got said...

I'm excited to see you mega update, but having a life does not a bad blogger make, just a well balanced person!~

K said...

You're not a bad blogger! You're an awesome blogger! Taking time to sleep is totally ok! I do have to admit I am excited to see the mega update though!

Tina said...

Erin- yeah! Ahving a life is important. And we have been so busy lately that it's been hard to find time to edit photos.

K - awww. Thanks!!!