Friday, June 11, 2010

Copycattin' Myself

Can I copycat myself? Is that even possible? I've been envisioning this skirt mixed with a blue/white striped top for awhile. I gave it a whirl here, and while it got a lot of positive feedback, it really wasn't quite what I wanted. When I got this new striped top, I knew I wanted to try it again, but I was waiting a little while so I wouldn't have such similar outfits so close together. But when I saw how well Kimberly's necklace matched this skirt, I knew I couldn't wait any longer. And you know what? THIS is what I was envisioning in my head. Success! What do you think? Which do you like better.

What I Wore That Was Inspired By ME:

2010-06-10 combo

  • pattern skirt (via Walmart)
  • striped top (via Kmart)
  • sandals (compliments of Lane Bryant)
  • ring (borrowed from friend)
  • necklace (borrowed from Kimberly)
  • green bangle (Lane Bryant)
  • brass bangles (via Goodwill)
  • clutch (via Target)
What I Ate While Playing Dominoes:

2010-06-10 food

  • breakfast: Alternative bagel, cheesy egg, grapefruit
  • lunch: leftover cabbage salad, leftover veggie pizza, blackberries
  • snack: banana, cheese stick
  • dinner: cheese plate, cider (Libertine)

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hillary said...

oh lordy now that is an outfit! I might copy you. I need to try cause this is hella cute.

Kristen said...

Oh, SO cute! I loved the first variation, but this may even be better!

It's the necklace. It's magical!

Kimberly said...

I'm with Kristen - I loved the first variation and I love this one too! So awesome!

Also, you should have grabbed two pairs of those shoes! They look so great with everything!

Dana said...

I loved the first variation, but darn if this one isn't cute, too!

Bombshell Beauty said...

I LOVE that you copycatted yourself. :) That's great. I, too, enjoy this look and think you should have picked up the gray version of those shoes. They could not be more perfect for summery outfits. Well done, Tina! And now, you've inspired me to go eat lots of points worth of cheese...yum.

Savonne said...

Tina I love the mix of patterns in this. You styled this very well. I love, I love it, I love it !

Brooke said...

I like the second one better - I think with so much pattern-mixing, it works better without the layers. You look so crisp and summery! Very pretty.

Tina said...

hillary - well you know how I feel about copying, so go for it! I can't wait.

Kristen - thanks! And I agree, the necklace is def magical.

Kimberly - thanks! I am trying to get LB to find me a pair of the shoes in grey.

Dana - thanks!

Sara - (1) I am actually trying to find the grey shoes! (2) yum cheese!

Alissa - thanks!

Brooke - my thoughts exactly! thanks!